January 29, 2020

What is chamfering machine?

Introduction to chamfering machine

Chamfering machine is a pipe or plate in front of the welding end chamfering groove of special tools, chamfering machine operation are solved such as flame cutting, polishing machine, grinding process point of view is not standard, slope surface is rough, noisy work such as faults, with the features of easy operation, standard, the advantages of smooth surface, with high light weight groove probability The advantages of convenient operation.
Very suitable for: steel structure, boiler, pressure vessel, equipment manufacturing, shipbuilding, electric power, mold, chemical, petroleum engineering, metallurgy, head, iron tower, aerospace and other welding manufacturing fields.

Types of chamfering machines:

1, portable chamfering machine: mainly by three-phase motor, start switch, shell casting, support baffle, scale bar, humanized handle.
Milling cutter disc and other components, the principle is driven by the motor milling cutter disc on the blade, the workpiece chamfering operation.
Walk 2, portable automatic chamfering machine, mainly by walking mobile rack,. Three-phase motor, turbine, vortex rod, speed reducer, and the controller, start switch, emergency stop button, reverse button, magnetic, thermal protection, shell casting, return roller, Angle of wheel parts, such as its principle is the motor through reducer drive the whole roll to wash the knife dish, through the knife plate rolling milling chamfering operation.
Achieve small plate steel walk, large plate machine automatic walk.
3. Desktop chamfering machine:
By the body, outside chamfer workbench, positioning platform, inside chamfer workbench, an internal Angle rotating cutter, outside the rotation, motor and transmission mechanism of the cutting tools, on the level of upper body vertical installed inside and outside, turn head, set up the bottom axis transmission mechanism, the vertical lifting the internal chamfer inside head Lou hole in the center of the table with an internal Angle rotation in segment,
Is located in the outside, turn head upper part positioning the audience side grooves and the outside, outside of workbench of open hole of the cutting tools, the combination of form outside, turn head to show on the face of exterior Angle cutter hole, outside, chamfering workbench and set between the body’s level of upper lifting gear, make outside, chamfering vertical lifting table, so that the exterior Angle cutting head Lou hole and angular rotation cutting head can be adjusted.

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