January 29, 2020

The application and structure of bench vise

Table vice, also known as vice, table vice.
A bench vise is a universal fixture used to hold a workpiece.
The device is installed on the work table to clamp the workpiece, which is a necessary tool in the fitter shop.
The rotary disc clamp body can rotate, so that the workpiece rotates to the appropriate working position.

Bench vice is a necessary tool for bench work, and it is also the origin of the name of bench work, because most of the work of bench work is completed on the bench, such as saw, file, chisel, and the assembly and disassembly of parts.
It is installed on the bench with the width of the jaw as the calibration specification.
Common specifications range from 75mm to 300mm.
The use of bench vice: the device is on the work table, used to clamp the workpiece, it is a necessary tool for the fitter shop.

Its structure is composed of clamp body, base, guide nut, screw, clamp body and so on.
Movable clamp body through the guide rail and fixed clamp body guide rail for sliding coordination.
The lead screw is mounted on the movable pliers, can be rotated but cannot be moved axially, and is fitted with a lead screw nut mounted in the fixed pliers body.
When the handle is shaken to make the lead screw rotate, the movable clamp body can be driven to move in axial direction relative to the fixed clamp body, so as to clamp or relax.
The spring is fixed on the lead screw with the help of a retainer ring and a cotter pin. Its function is to make the movable clamp withdraw in time when the lead screw is relaxed.
The fixed clamp body and the movable clamp body are respectively provided with a steel clamp mouth and fixed with screws.
The working surface of the clamp mouth is made of cross mesh, so that the workpiece is not easy to slide after clamping.
The jaws are hardened by heat treatment and have good wear resistance.
The fixing clamp body is mounted on the rotating seat, and can rotate around the axis line of the rotating seat. When turning to the required direction, the clamping handle is pulled to tighten the clamping screw, and the fixing clamp body can be fixed under the action of the clamping plate.
There are three bolt holes on the swivel seat for fixing with the clamp platform.

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