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M16 Electric servo tapping machine

Model: JK-1000-16

Model JK-1000-16
Voltage 220V-600W-50HZ
Tapping range M3-M16
Max. working radius 1000MM
Max. RPM 312r/min
Working direction Vertical and universal one optional
Tapping chuck GT12, M3-M16 standard, optional
Lubrication time 0.1-25 seconds (Selectable)
Blowing time Unlimited (Selectable)
Mobile workbench 980*680*700 (Selectable)
Unit weight 25KG

Instruction for flexible arm electric tapping machine

This tapping machine is suitable for all machinery manufacturing industries. Now mainland customers cover machine tools, mold (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, construction machinery, automobile and motorcycle parts, aero engines, rolling stock, tobacco machinery and general machinery industries

Features for flexible arm electric tapping machine

1, First, the electric tapping machine adopts servo drive control, with intelligent torque protection, instead of the traditional lathe, drilling machine or manual tapping limitations.
2, Advanced mechanical design, a variety of processes using mold castings, the overall rigidity is strong, durable, non
deformation, beautiful appearance.
3, The high definition touch screen is simple and flexible. It can realize the vertical and horizontal work of complex and heavy workpiece, locate quickly, and process accurately.
4, Stepless speed change, manual, automatic, linkage three modes of work, whatever you choose.
5, Automatic mode can effectively control the depth of tapping, without the operation button, automatic control by depth
controller of the tapping machine.
6, Finall, repeated positioning fast, tapping speed, high production efficiency.

Brief Introduction of JK Machinery

Bengbu Longzihu Jingkong Machinery Factory is founded to develop,manufacture and sell high quality Pneumatic Tapping Machines, Electric Tapping Machines, Hand-held Chamfering Machines, Desktop Chamfering Machines, Grinding Machines, Bench Vises and related accessories and spare parts.We had been trading various machines and spare parts for more than 10 years as an international trading company,thereafter we made the decision to estabish JK Machinery Factory to meet the requirements of our customers better.

We believe that product quality is the life of an enterprise, and customer satisfaction is our goal.JKer constantly adopt new design philosophy, new technologies, new processes, new materials, and advanced equipment to improve product quality, and serve the esteemed customers at home and abroad with highly efficienct machines and reasonable prices.

electric tapping-machine
electric tapping machine
electric tapping machine