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screw tap re-sharpener

KDL-Y3C screw tap re-sharpener

Model: KDL-Y3C

Model KDL-Y3C
Voltage AC 220V
RPM 4800r/min
Tip angle 5°-30°
Grinding wheel CBN or SDC
Packing dimension 360*270*305mm
Weight 16kg

Product operation

  1. Adjusting-tool: New upgrade adjusting-toolmethod, simple and fast.

  1. Tip Angle grinding: Stop feeding after touching grinding wheel, and then grind in sequence.

  1. Cutting surface grinding: tap back Angle is close to the grinding wheel to grind,meawhile,push up and down the tap.

  1. End grinding: For end grinding, grinding is required in the grinding wheel grinding area.

Product features &advantages

  1. Fool-style grinding method, it only takes 10 seconds to grind quickly a silk tap. Adopt simplified automatic tool setting, bit + collet + collet group integrated grinding group, grinding fast.
  1. Small body size, one hand can lift, occupy a small area, suitable for grinding drill anywhere.
  1. All copper motor, more powerful power, faster speed.
  1. Taiwan custom grinding wheel, using high quality diamond raw material, super grinding, super long life.
  1. Strict quality control, excellence, a perfect after-sales service system, timely and accurate to provide customers with technical solutions and support.
  1. Own factory, stable and timely delivery, support OEM, ODM services.