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JK-900FH desktop chamfering machine

Model: JK-900FH

Model JK-900FH
Voltage 380V-50HZ
Power 1.1KW
RPM 9000r/min
Linear chamfer 1mm-5mm
Curve chamfer 1mm-3mm
Bevel angle 15°-45°
Machine dimension 400*490*530
Net weight 48KG

Features and Advantages:

1) Desktop composite chamfering machine is a chamfering machine that processes straight lines, curves and irregular inner and outer edges of products. It can replace the chamfering of parts that cannot be processed by CNC machining centers and ordinary machine tools.

2) Linear chamfering, arc chamfering and irregular curve chamfering can be completed on one machine, with multi-purpose function.

3) The machine adopts imported indexable (diamond, square) blade, easy to change, it is used for chamfering and deburring of the parts made of carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, powder metallurgy materials, bakelwood or other materials .

4) With adjustable chamfering, accurate size, smooth surface, it overcomes the processing shortcomings of existing machine tools and power tools.

5) Based on its advantages of accuracy, promptness and conveniencs, it is the chamfering cutting ideal equipment in the machinery industry .

6) Strict quality control, excellence, a perfect after-sales service system, timely and accurate to provide customers with technical solutions and support.

7) Own factory, stable and timely delivery, support OEM, ODM services.