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Permanent magnetic chuck

PML-300 Permanent magnetic chuck

Model: PML-300

Model PML-300 /PML-600
Rated capacity (kg) 300/600
Size (mm) (L*B*H*R) 153*122*65*106/195*162*74*216
Max. pulled-out force(N) 1050/2100
Net weight (kg) 9/18

Features and Advantages of permanent magnetic chucks:

It is used for fixing the base of the tapping machines or other machines.

1. Compact structure, light weight, easy to operate.

2. Without electricity, magnetic permanent, use safety, permanent magnetic chucks can be in field operation.

3. High safety coefficient, maximum pull-off force in 3-3.5 times, with safety device, to prevent misoperation.

4. Maintenance-free design, long service life.

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Permanent magnetic chuck