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We strive for excellence in every machine we produce.

We strive for excellence in every machine we produce.

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Help yourself choose reliable and effective machines, and the machines will help you work effectively and profitably.

Our factory always offers positive support and timely service in all the life of the machines.

electric tapping machine

Tapping machines

We have various tapping machines for your choice, auxiliary functions and components available.

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Chamfering machines

It includes different models of desktop chamfering machines and hand-held chamfering machines.

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Grinding machines

There are different drill grinders and drill & end mill grinders for your needs.

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Bench vises

There are different sizes of bench vises to meet your various requirements.

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There are some optional parts or device which may meet your demand.

About these products

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

It will help you understand us and our products better.

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